Whoops! Teens break into marijuana dispensary—and mistakenly steal OREGANO

A group of teens who allegedly broke into a Colorado marijuana dispensary Wednesday didn’t leave empty-handed — but didn’t get what they bargained for.

According to KKTV, an unidentified group of at least four teens used a stolen van to drive into the storefront of Native Roots in Colorado Springs at around 1 a.m. After the ill-fated smash and grab, in which the alleged thieves stole rolled cigarettes in display cases, a witness claimed the group threw an empty beer bottle at him as he called 911.

The Colorado Springs Gazette explained that the “joints” on display don’t contain marijuana—but oregano. Native Roots’ communications manager Kim Casey said no medical marijuana was taken from the dispensary as the teens didn’t make their way into a locked room housing the drug.

“We have pre-rolled joints on display in our packaging, in our display cases, and we do not put actual medicated product in them,” she explained. “So, we use oregano to simulate the cannabis.”

Casey went on to tell KOAA that the teens took some t-shirts from the store.

Though the stolen van was left behind in the store, witnesses told KKTV that the suspects got away in another vehicle.

Police don’t believe that teens struck additional locations in their alleged robbery spree. KKTV reported that 3 Thirsty Goats, a liquor store located near the dispensary, was broken into around the same time Wednesday. Police suspect the teens burglarized the liquor store to pose a distraction as their conspirators drove into Native Roots.

Colorado Springs Police Seargent L.C. Morgan said, “There does appear to be a pattern with regards to similar crimes like this, not only with dispensaries but with other businesses as well.”

The communications manager said they hope to have the dispensary reopened in a couple of days.

[Featured image: KKTV]