Homeowner’s headless body unexplainedly found in fish tank full of chemicals: Police

Police in California have confirmed that the decomposing headless body found in a fish tank belongs to a homeowner who’s been missing since late July.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that officers discovered the body of Brian Egg, 65, in his San Francisco home on August 17, three days after neighbors saw a hazardous materials cleanup crew at the residence and called police. The grisly discovery was made after a relative reported Egg missing, as they hadn’t heard from him in several weeks.

Officers reportedly showed up to the home twice to perform welfare checks but didn’t notice anything suspicious. Additionally, Egg’s voicemail indicated that he was out of town, according to Bay City News.

Officers who initially entered home on August 14 were alarmed by the strong smell of cleaning chemicals that a “suspicious person” was using. The person was detained; their identity and why they were at Egg’s home remains unknown.

After obtaining a warrant, police conducted a four-day search of the home which concluded on August 17 with the discovery of Egg’s dismembered body in a fish tank filled with water and household chemicals, according to the Chronicle.

The newspaper reported that Egg’s hands were removed and remain unaccounted for. The medical examiner is trying to determine the cause and manner of death. They’re also working to ascertain whether Egg was alive when dismembered.

Following the discovery, police arrested two suspects, Robert MacCaffrey, 52, and Lance Silva, 39, on suspicion of homicide, fraud, theft, identity theft, and elder abuse. MacCaffrey has since been released while Silva remains jailed as his probation for an unrelated grand theft was revoked.

[Featured Image: Brian Egg/San Francisco Police Department]