‘I killed my mom’: Son calls 911 after murdering his mother, cutting her into pieces and putting severed body parts in refrigerator

A Hawaiian man has accepted a plea deal for murdering his mother and then mutilating her dead body, the Associated Press reports.

Yu Wei Gong, 27, pleaded guilty Friday to manslaughter, abuse of a corpse and identity theft.

Gong had initially been charged with second-degree murder in connection with his mother’s death.

Court records show Gong confessed to killing his mother, Liu Yun Gong, which he said was an accident in the midst of a September 2016 argument.

It would not be until April 2017 when Gong notified authorities: He called 911 and told a dispatcher, “I killed my mom,” according to KHNL-TV.

When police arrived to their apartment, Yu Wei Gong told officers that his mother was “in the fridge,” according to court records.

Investigators executed a search warrant the following day and recovered seven bags of human remains in the freezer, including arms, hands and a head.

A medical examiner concluded the mother died from blunt force trauma to her head. She was identified by matching her fingerprints to records from her driver’s license.

The Star-Advertiser newspaper reports that the argument between Gong and his mother was over his desire to work instead of going to school.

Gong faces up to 20 years in prison on the manslaughter charge, one year for abusing a corpse and 10 years for identity theft.

Prosecutors charged Gong with identity theft because he used his mother’s checking account.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in January.