‘The evidence against Quinton Tellis is overwhelming’: Nancy Grace speaks out on Jessica Chambers murder trial decision [EXCLUSIVE]

After a judge declared a mistrial in the proceedings against Jessica Chambers murder suspect Quinton Tellis for the second time, CrimeOnline’s own Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor, has weighed in.

Quinton Tellis was accused of burning 19-year-old former cheerleader Jessica Chambers alive in December 2014. Last year, proceedings against him ended in a mistrial after a jury could not agree to a verdict. And once again, on Monday, jurors told Judge Gerald Chatham Clarence that they could not come to a decision. The first time, Judge Clarence ordered them back to deliberate further, but then they still could not agree to a unanimous verdict, the judge declared a mistrial.

“The mistrial is so disappointing,” Nancy said. “I know Jessica’s parents are devastated.”

“The evidence against Tellis is overwhelming. I pray Jessica’s family can get justice in Quentin Tellis’s other murder trial in Louisiana.”

Tellis is facing murder charges for the July 2016 killing of Meing-Chen Hsiao, a woman he reportedly knew who was found stabbed to death in her apartment. Tellis reportedly admitted to using her ATM card several days after her death to withdraw at least $1,000 from a cash machine. A warrant was issued in Louisiana for Tellis’s arrest on murder charges, but he has not been formally charged, as he was extradited to Mississippi in the Jessica Chambers case before he was indicted in Louisiana.

The pending charges were not admissable in the Batesville, Mississippi, courtroom where Tellis was tried for a second time this week.

It is not yet known if Tellis will face a jury for a third time for Jessica Chambers’s murder.