‘Anger Room’ anti-domestic violence activist beaten to death by ex-boyfriend who broke into her home: Police

A Texas mother known for creating “Anger Room,” a Dallas-based business where people could relieve stress by breaking things, has died days after her ex-boyfriend allegedly broke into her home and battered her.

Donald Alexander told the Dallas Morning News that his slain daughter, Donna Alexander, 34, was 14 when she started advocating against domestic violence and helping her community. More than a decade later when Donna made a business out of Anger Room—a concept that’s been adapted by other business across the country.

Donna was in the process of expanding Anger Room to Richardson, Texas, and Oak Grove, Kentucky, according to the business’ website. People noted that the entrepreneur and Anger Room were featured on the September 19 episode of “Real Housewives of Dallas.” 

The mother-of-two died on September 24, three days after police said her estranged boyfriend, Nathaniel Mitchell, 34, allegedly broke into her Grand Prarie home and attacked her. WFAA reported that Donna had kicked him out and was in the process of severing ties with him.

Mitchell has been charged with murder in light of the mother’s death. Mitchell was at the hospital with Donna and gave investigators inconsistent statements, according to KDFW. Authorities was initially held him on an outstanding warrant before they charged him with aggravated assault.

The woman’s family told WFAA that they didn’t know Mitchell was abusive until it was too late.

“Don’t let your children die in pain in another person’s hands,” the victim’s mother, Dalfiney Lassiter, said. “Don’t let them die in pain like that.”

Her family said Donna was an organ donor whose organs—including her heart—have helped save the lives of seven women.

[Featured image: Donna Alexander/Facebook]