‘I was really afraid to die’: Video shows white man allegedly throwing black boy onto train platform while adult women also gang up on the boy

Shocking video footage captured in August shows a grown white man throwing a 15-year-old black boy from a platform onto train tracks in Belgium, before two white women join in to also attack the teen, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the report, the boy, identified as Leroy Abraham, was attacked by a man and two women as he waited for a train at Aarschot station in Flanders with two siblings. The confrontation allegedly began after the three adults taunted the boy with racial slurs.

A 35-year-old white male, identified only as Jonas V., is seen in the video shoving Leroy from a platform down to the train tracks below.

In what appears to be an attempt to defend himself, the teen is then seen dragging the alleged perpetrator down with him onto the tracks, punching him. As the two are seen battling on the tracks, two white women, identified only by their ages of 43 and 31 years old, apparently step down to the tracks in an effort to aid the white man.

A woman, identified by local news station HLN as Leroy’s sister, is then seen jumping onto the tracks in an effort to help her brother. The two white women reportedly “racially abused her too” as she attempted to save the boy.

The fight eventually ended when staff at the train station intervened.

Leroy recalled the fear he experienced during the the horrifying incident to HLN, as translated by Daily Mail.

“When I fell [onto the tracks] my heart stopped for a moment, because I did not know when the train would arrive. I was really afraid to die.”

According to local media outlets, Jonas V. was on probation at the time of the attack, and was subsequently arrested. His rap sheet reportedly includes stealing money from a blind woman, and “pushing an elderly woman off a bike when she spotted him stealing alcohol at a supermarket.”