‘Parking Lot Barbara’: Video shows elderly woman calling cops on Hispanic mother sitting in car with baby

A viral video appears to show an elderly California woman confronting and calling the cops on a Hispanic mother who was sitting in a car with her baby.

The video begins with the unidentified woman reportedly accusing Darla Jeny of telling her that it’s “none of your business that your child is in pain,” possibly referring to why she’s calling 911. Jeny is heard saying that her daughter is safely sleeping in her car seat.

The woman—dubbed by the Internet as “Parking Lot Barbara”—tells the dispatcher that they’re in a PetSmart parking lot and that the sun is blaring on the baby’s face.

“In the car with her!” Jeny yells.

To which the elder quips, “No you’re not, you’re out here yelling at me.”

As the pair argues, Jeny’s husband arrives at the parking lot, prompting Jeny to tell him why the woman is calling the cops on her. The woman is then seen putting the phone down to speak with the husband.

“Oh, because he’s white? Because he’s white, it’s OK because he’s here now? ” the mother, who KPIX reported is Hispanic, says to the woman.

“No because he’s acting sane,” she responds, claiming she didn’t know his race due to his beard and because he’s wearing a hat.

The husband points out that the air conditioner was on and asks her to admit her mistake, to which she obliges.

But her admission didn’t stop her from getting one last shot in at the mother.

“You deserve that child to be injured. And you probably do injure it,” she said. “Look at you.”

***WARNING: The video below contains language that could be offensive to some viewers. Please use discretion.***

So we stop at PetSmart and I stay in the car with Elsie while she's sleeping in her car seat. Ac is blasting and she taps on the window to get me to roll it down. I try to ignore her but she wouldn't leave me alone. I roll down the window and she says the baby is in the sun. She threatens to call the cops if I don't move my car. I know my husband will be out any minute since we're only there for a few minutes. I then told her to mind her own business and that's when I started rerecording. #ParkingLotBarbara

Posted by Darla Jeny on Saturday, September 22, 2018

[Featured Image: Facebook video screengrab]