‘Notorious robber’ walks out of prison: Human rights group pays prisoners’ bail ‘regardless of charges against them’ [Report]

A “notorious” female robber from New York  bailed out of jail on Monday by a human rights group that aims to free young people and women, the New York Post reports.

Ralphie Myree, 25, was recently jailed after she allegedly robbed a Chelsea sex store at knifepoint in June. Months prior, she was released from prison for assault, according to the newspaper, citing law-enforcement sources and records.

The Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Human Rights group reportedly paid the woman’s $10,000 bail as part of its “first round of freeing defendants regardless of charges against them.”

Dubbed “The Mass Bail Out Action” by the foundation on its website, the RFK group said their effort is “made up of grassroots groups and formerly incarcerated people to free women and young people in New York City who are jailed because they cannot afford to post bail.”

The “bail out action” began October 1 and will “continue throughout the month,” the website continued.

The manager of the sex store, Harmony, located on Eighth Avenue near West 18th Street, expressed fear the day after Myree’s release.

“She will do it again. She is not a good person,” Randy Zoysa stated. “I’m scared she might come back because she is crazy.”

While RFK spokesman Max Burns apparently claimed that “95% of people bailed out by existing bail funds return to court,” prosecutors at Myree’s sex-shop case arraignment said the woman “failed to show up for court four times in the past.”

The convicted criminal’s rap sheet was also revealed at the arraignment. Prosecutors noted that Myree currently has five open cases and seven previous convictions. One of the convictions include a 2013 assault that landed her in prison for two and a half years. 

In August 2017, Myree was jailed again for “violating the conditions of her parole,” according to state prison officials.

In September 2017, after her release from jail and while still on parole, Myree allegedly stole clothing from an Old Navy store. A few weeks later, on October 30, 2017, her parole ended. Within months, she robbed the sex store, according to police.

Further, Myree was also reportedly arrested twice in 2016, though the details aren’t known as the cases remain sealed.

At a September press conference, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke of his concerns regarding the release of “robbery, assault and attempted-murder suspects the foundation aims to spring.”

“We’re certainly going to communicate our concerns and I would argue their intention is noble, but they should focus on low level and nonviolent offenders only.”

[Feature Photo: Ralphie Myree/Police Handout]