Teen girl lured men on dating app to rob them, then dangled threat of legal action against THEM: Report

Florida police say a teenager lured men over the summer on a dating app in order to rob them , then advised them that they’d be the ones in trouble if they went to police since she’s underage, the New York Post reported.

According to an affidavit released by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, 17-year-old Ednita Leon-Alamo posed as a 21-year-old woman named Emily Perez on the dating app “Meet Me,” and set up dates with at least two men.

Konstanti Ilich Chernitskiy, a doctor, was one of the unsuspecting men targeted by the suspect, according to officials, who added that the two agreed to meet at a Deerfield Beach home on the afternoon of August 7.

Upon arrival, Chernitskiy met Leon-Alamo in the driveway of the home, and noted that her appearance matched the profile from “Meet Me,” according to the affidavit. Once inside, Chernitskiy “noticed that the residence appeared to be vacant.”

At this point, officials said three masked and armed men adorned in ski masks appeared, and demanded the alleged victim’s wallet and belongings.

The gang was apparently unsatisfied with the $15 Chernitskiy had in his wallet, and subsequently forced him back into his vehicle and blindfolded him with his own white medical coat, the affidavit states.

Afterwards, the trio drove the victim to several ATM’s, before they allegedly forced Chernitskiy to withdraw cash using his debit card—eventually getting approximately $200 out of the man.

Authorities ran the phone number given to Chernitskiy to set up the date, and traced it back to Leon-Alamo.

Leon-Alamo, who is on juvenile probation stemming from a 2016 battery case, was arrested last month along with her boyfriend, Peterson Joachim, 22, and Shnyder Dumas, 19, in connection with the case. The three suspects are each facing two counts of armed robbery, kidnapping and carjacking.

Authorities said there is at least one other man who was deceived by the gang, but they believe there could be other victims out there—adding that they’re “focused on identifying more victims,” and won’t pursue charges against those who come forward.

[Feature photo: Screenshot of fake profile/Broward County Sheriff’s Office]