Ex-boyfriend allegedly attacks mother of his children, acquaintance with wooden crucifix—ripping off part of male victim’s nose

Police in Massachusetts arrested a man Wednesday for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend with a wooden crucifix.

Officers arrested Torrey Smith, 39, weeks after the August 22 attack at the victim’s Billerica home. According to WBZ-TV, the prosecutor said Smith grabbed his ex-girlfriend by the legs as she tried to flee and struck her in the face.

“Officers noticed blood splatter on the carpet bed sheets walls and ceiling of the bedroom,” the prosecutor alleged.

The female victim, who shares two children with Smith, reportedly claimed Smith entered her home, attacked her boyfriend, and used a hammer to smash her phone as she tried to call 911.

Police said the male victim sustained serious injuries to his nose when Smith attacked him with a crucifix.

“The defendant dropped the hammer and grabbed a wooden crucifix that was on the wall and hit Mr. Lopez across the face with that crucifix multiple times in the head and face causing part of his nostril to tear off,” the prosecutor said.

The Lowell Sun reported that Smith was a passenger in a vehicle when an officer pulled over the driver and recognized him. He reportedly provided a fake name but the officer took him into custody after positively identifying him.

Smith was charged with kidnapping, vandalism, breaking and entering in the daytime, placing a person in fear, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, witness intimidation, and mayhem. He’s due back in court on Tuesday.

[Featured Image: Torrey Smith/WBZ-TV]