‘I’ve been watching you’: Suspect breaks into unsuspecting woman’s home, leaves disturbing note, used condoms & naked photos

Texas police are searching for a man accused of breaking into a woman’s home last week, leaving behind several disturbing items.

FOX News reports that a male suspect apparently scaled a 6-foot fence on September 26 and broke into an unsuspecting woman’s Rowlett home off of Eton Drive while she was out. Police think he entered the home through an unlocked window in the backyard. Rowlett Police Det. Cruz Hernandez indicated the suspect likely does not know the victim, given the details in a note left behind.

“What the note indicates to me is that the suspect does not know the victim. Because the note makes a notation that is ‘I’ve been watching you.’”

Police obtained DNA samples from the man, who reportedly left used condoms behind and took naked photos of himself using the victim’s camera in her house. The DNA is currently being tested in an attempt to obtain a match.

“The only thing we can gather is that it’s connected to the house,” Hernandez continued. “So we believe it’s possibly someone living or staying within walking distance of her home.”

Police are currently passing flyers throughout the neighborhood, in hopes that someone knows something. One possible lead is a grainy surveillance footage photo taken around 16 days prior to the incident, which shows a man wandering around the neighborhood late at night, around a block away from the victim’s residence. Police are currently looking for the man but explained he’s not considered a suspect at this time.

The victim, according to a friend, was so disturbed and frightened by the incident that she has not returned home. Hernandez added that most people who engage in the type of behavior the suspect did typically will not stop.

“That kind of behavior we find is something that people don’t control or stop. We believe it’s something that they continue and some cases they escalate.”

Anyone with any information is urged to contact authorities immediately.

[Feature Photo: Rowlett PD]