Serial killer duo SOLD baby of murdered victim; kept dismembered body parts in stroller: Report

A Mexican couple has confessed to killing up to 10 women and selling off one of the victim’s babies, the Associated Press reports.

Authorities on Friday announced that the couple was arrested outside of Mexico City in connection with the slayings.

Investigators surveilling the couple on Thursday reportedly saw them emerge from a house with a baby carriage, which was later found to contain dismembered human body parts.

The couple, whose identities have not been released, had planned to dispose of the remains in a vacant plot of land near where other body parts have been found, according to the report.

Forensic tests will need to be used to identify some of the victims whose body parts were substantially degraded.

The couple has reportedly confessed to murdering at least 10 women and dismembering their bodies, prompting investigators to look for remains at additional properties.

The couple also admitted that they sold one of the victim’s children, a 2-month-old baby, to a different couple.

Police have since located that child and arrested the other couple involved in the transaction.

Investigators began looking at the couple because they had connections with three women who went missing within the last five months in Ecatepec, a suburb to the north of Mexico City.

There has been widespread killing of women in the region in recent years, and it’s estimated that four children on average go missing each day in Mexico, according to the Child Rights Network in Mexico.

The country saw additional bloodshed this week when five police officers were fatally gunned down in Sonora, according to AP.