Armed group robs multiple gas stations while scaring customers, including a young child: Police need YOUR HELP identifying them [Video]

Georgia police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a group of armed and masked robbers who held up several gas stations while scaring customers, including a child, on October 1.

Atlanta police released surveillance video and several images in hopes of identifying the men, Fox 11 reports, citing authorities. Surveillance video shows the alleged robbers, donned in rubber surgical masks during the unthinkable incidents, looking around while apparently checking their surroundings. They are then seen entering one of the gas stations.

“The one at the door had a long gun in his hand. The two that were inside the store, one had a handgun and the other had an assault pistol,” Atlanta Police Captain Reginald Moorman told reporters.

At one point, the purported thieves surround a child dressed in red, who was reportedly at the gas station attempting to buy an RC Cola. After they robbed the establishment, police said the armed men moved on to the next targets of the crime spree, all located on the city’s Westside.

At a second location, surveillance footage shows a clerk removing cash from his register to give the reported criminals, before showing them that the drawer was empty. At yet another gas station, footage shows a clerk ducking behind a glass enclosure before the gun-toting men see him reappear with a gun in hand, and subsequently take off running from the scene.

Authorities said a similar case happened in DeKalb County the same night. Police aren’t sure if the incident involved the group from the previous robberies, but it hasn’t been ruled out.  

[Feature photo: Fox 11/Screengrab]