Malnourished boy in critical condition after mom’s boyfriend allegedly beat him with bat, grandparents demand answers after social workers ‘did nothing’: Report

Grandparents of a 5-year-old Utah boy are blasting Salt Lake City social services workers after they claim their plea for help went ignored. The little boy is now in the hospital with a slim chance of survival.

FOX13 reports that Jordan Wills, 26, and her boyfriend, John Manning, 31, are behind bars while Wills’ little boy, Tanner, remains in the hospital fighting for his life. According to authorities, doctors said the boy was beaten over a period of days or even weeks, which ultimately ended when he fell unconscious. Wills and Manning took Tanner to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City on Thursday, where he has remained since.

“The child’s injuries, according to a child abuse specialist, appear to have occurred over a period of time indicating more than one event,” a jail document read, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. “There is also concerns of malnourishment. At this time the child is not responsive and ‘may be incompatible with life.’”

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Tanner’s grandparents, Mike and Mandy, said that their own doctor alerted Child Protective Services (CPS) over four months ago. After they noticed the boy limping and with bruises and marks on him, the grandparents took him to their physician, who made a report of suspected child abuse.

Jordan Wills and John Manning [Police Handout]
“Tanner was limping, he had injuries,” Mandy said. “There were bruises all over him.”

Mike, who took photos of the boy’s injuries, explained how his grandson told him in detail that Manning beat him with his fists and a plastic bat.

“He (Tanner) told us, he said, ‘He hit me like this,'” Mike explained, while motioning a face punch. “He (Tanner) said this guy (Manning) had broken his ball bat, his heavy plastic ball bat, on his back.”

CPS reportedly went to the boy’s home to talk to Wills and Manning but no one was home. Mandy said Wills later called her and said CPS stopped by and found nothing wrong. Mike said after that, they never heard back from CPS even after following up.

Months later, Tanner was in the hospital.

Mike and Mandy said that their daughter, Wills, told them that she had “found happiness” with Manning and that they were “trying to ruin her life.” The grandparents said Wills seemed blind to the abuse.

Tanner’s worried grandparents are now hoping that the little boy pulls through after being given a prognosis of little to no chances of survival. However, when Mandy kissed Tanner, they “saw his brainwave spike in an area,” according to Mike.

The suspects remain behind bars on $50,000 each, charged with felony child abuse. The charges could be upgraded if the boy passes away.

The story continues to develop. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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