Dad begs for filmmaker son’s safe return after he vanishes in mountains while shooting documentary [Report]

A Maryland man has been missing for nearly a week after reportedly vanishing in Idaho while filming a documentary with a British production company.

The Washington Post reported that Terrence Woods Jr., 26, was reported missing on October 5 and was last seen in the mountainous region of Idaho County. The film production company Woods was working for, Raw TV, is said to have reported him missing; canine, on-foot, and helicopter searches have produced nothing so far.

According to The Post, Woods Jr. was working on a documentary on abandoned mines when he vanished. KBOI reported that the 26-year-old was last seen near the Penman Mine near Orogrande.

In addition to finding no sign of Woods, freezing conditions have led rescuers to call off search efforts. Now, the missing man’s father is appealing to the public for his son’s safe return.

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Terrence Woods Sr. told WTTG that his son texted him the morning of his disappearance, saying, “Dad I’m coming home on Wednesday the 10th.” Witnesses reportedly told police that Woods Jr. was acting strangely before he became separated from film crews.

Sheriff Doug Giddings told KBOI that he unexplainedly “took off” down a hill and left crews behind.

“One story they said they watched my son run off a cliff. What do you mean you all watched him? What do you mean you watched him? What are you saying?” the concerned father said.

“He’s 130 lbs soaking wet, these are all big guys like me, and you’re going to say you watched this little guy go and kill himself of whatever you’re trying to put out there? Come on man.”

WTTG reported that the missing man’s Vimeo page suggests he has experience filming in remote areas and has worked on everything from documentaries to prime-time television shows.

Raw TV said they’re working with police as they continue their investigation.

“Mr. Woods is a well-liked, valued member of the production team and we have been working closely with the Sheriff’s Office which has been leading the search. Mr. Woods’ family are in direct contact with the Sheriff’s Office,” they said in a statement. “All enquiries regarding the status of the search should be directed to the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office.”

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[Featured Image: Terrance Woods Sr., Terrance Woods Jr./WTTG]