‘She could’ve killed me’: Bully brutally kicks & stomps epileptic 6th grade girl, gives her a concussion as other students film it [Report]

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

A North Carolina mother is speaking out after a female student reportedly beat up her 11-year-old epileptic daughter in an attack that was recorded by her fellow classmates.

Sixth-grader Ryann Senic told WMFY that a girl at her middle school in Burlington cornered and attacked her. The tween’s mother claimed she sustained a concussion that could’ve killed her.

“Ryann is epileptic so this could’ve been a deadly thing,” mother Carly Collins told the news outlet. “She did hit her right in her frontal lobe where her epilepsy is.”

“So I’m very lucky I’m not planning my child’s funeral instead of sitting here because it could’ve been that bad.”

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The Mayo Clinic describes epilepsy as a neurological disorder where brain activity becomes “abnormal,” causing seizures or other strange behavior. The medical center lists head injuries as a risk factor for epilepsy; highlighting two conditions—status epilepticus and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP)—that could result in death in people with epilepsy.

Senic claimed she tried to run away after telling the girl that she wasn’t going to fight her. That’s when the classmate reportedly grabbed Senic by the hair and slammed her to the ground.

“She started kicking me, punching me, stomping me, hitting me in the front and back of my head, my ribs all over my back,” she said, recalling how she was screaming and crying for help.

WMFY reported that the female student was expelled from school for the remainder of the year. Collins said she still plans to file simple assault charges against her daughter’s attacker.

Senic added, “She could’ve killed me.”

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[Featured Image: Ryann Senic/WMFY video screengrab]