Female police sergeant allegedly shoves dirty panties in detective’s face

A NYPD sergeant in Brooklyn allegedly tried to force a pair of her used panties in a male officer’s mouth.

According to the New York Daily News, the NYPD is investigating reports of an incident at the 72nd precinct in Brooklyn that took place after a detective there reportedly complained about  Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra leaving her panties lying around in a unisex locker room.

Sources told the news outlet that after Detective Victor Falcon complained to Sgt. Guerra about her panties, which reportedly included a lacy thong, she took a pair of underwear and literally rubbed his face in it. The sources indicated that the panties were used but said that Sgt. Guerra insisted the underwear was clean.

According to the sources, Sgt. Guerra tried to force the panties into Detective Falcon’s mouth, and that some of the fabric did get inside his mouth, while she allegedly screamed: “They are f—ing clean!”

An NYPD spokesman told the Daily News that the NYPD Detective Bureau was investigating “an incident” between the officers, but did not further elaborate. According to the report, the NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity office has received a formal complaint against the officer, but it is not known of Detective Falcon or someone else filed it.

Sgt. Guerra reportedly has a reputation for being a bit abrasive among her colleagues.

“She is a piece of work. She is always emasculating men and commenting on the size of their anatomy. She’s a bullying man-hater,” a source told the Daily News.

“In the push for gender equality, she’s made it — just not in a good way.”

Another source downplayed the incident and said Sgt. Guerra was just playing around and didn’t try to force her panties into the detective’s mouth.

“She just put it up to his nose,” the source told the Daily News.

The Daily News was unable to reach Sgt. Guerra for comments, and Detective Falcon declined a request for an interview.