Toddler girl dies after mom’s boyfriend strikes her in head & mom smacks her stop seizures: Police

A Texas couple could face upgraded charges after allegedly admitting to causing the head injuries that led to the death of the woman’s 2-year-old daughter.

The toddler’s aunt confirmed to the Times Record-News that Scarlette Olivia Newsom was declared brain dead Friday, a day after being taken off life support. Newsom was reportedly rushed to the hospital last Monday unresponsive and with severe bruising on her head and body.

Police said the boyfriend of the slain child’s mother, Joshua Thomas Fulbright, 23, admitted to striking Newsom on the left side of her head last week, leaving a sizable bruise. Fulbright claimed her mother, Sarah Elizabeth Newsom, 23, was in the room when he smacked her daughter, according to KFDX.

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Fulbright reportedly said it was the following day when the 2-year-old began exhibiting seizure-like symptoms and vomited multiple times. According to the news station, police claimed the girl’s mother confessed to repeatedly smacking her daughter to stop her seizures before she became unresponsive.

The mother and boyfriend were charged with injury to a child four days before the toddler’s death. They remain jailed on $250,000 bail each.

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[Featured Image: Scarlette Olivia Newsom/GoFundMe]