After reporting daughter missing, couple accused of holding girl captive for months in basement

A New Hampshire couple is facing kidnapping and child endangerment charges after an investigation found that they were allegedly keeping a minor locked in the basement of their New Boston home.

Boston 25 News reports that Denise and Thomas Atkocaitis were arrested following a two-months long investigation into suspicions that the couple kept a female child locked in an eight-by-eight foot room in the basement of their home. The¬†Atkocaitis’s reportedly adopted the child.

In September, the couple reported their 15-year-old daughter missing, but it not clear if she is the same child who was allegedly held captive. The adoptive parents reportedly homeschooled the child they are accused of confining to the basement room, which reportedly had only one window that was covered in mesh.
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The teen girl was reportedly found safe the day after the parents reported her missing.

The couple has since been released and both suspects are due in court on November 1.

Thomas Atkocaitis reportedly refused an on-camera interview with Boston 25 news, but told reporters and crew members that the allegations are not true.

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[Feature image: Denise and Thomas Atkocaitis/New Boston Police Department]