‘Learn English b****’: Woman with tot daughter in car gets racially attacked by irate driver at traffic light [Video]

A Texas mother driving to vote Thursday used her cellphone to capture footage of a white man yelling apparent racially-motivated and personal insults at her, while her 2-year-old daughter sat in the backseat.

The woman, Janet Sabriu, posted the now-viral video to Facebook, where she goes by the name of Janet Espejel. The incident reportedly happened at the intersection of Westview Drive and Wirt Road in Houston.

“Trump supporter insulted me today,” Sabriu, of Houston, captioned the post.

“Let’s see if everybody else thinks (his) behavior is OK,” she said of the unidentified man as her cellphone captured the incident.  

“You’re driving in two lanes you stupid b***h. That’s not how we drive in America,” the man yelled at the woman in the video, which garnered over 3.4 million views as of Monday morning. “Trump’s deporting your illegal cousins today, b***h.”

“Really?,” Sabriu, a U.S. citizen, replied. “Alright. Did you go to vote?”

“Learn English, b***h,” the man replied, repeating the derogatory term several times. “It’s my country…get out…..Take all the pictures you like b****. You’re ugly. You need a gay friend to help you with makeup and clothes.”

Sabriu told KHOU that she reported the encounter to authorities.

“It’s not OK, racists,” she told the station. “It’s not OK (to allow) bullying. We have to stop all of this hate and the only way is respecting everybody, every human being.”

Sabriu said she’d appreciate an apology from the man, and encouraged others to capture such racially-motivated episodes on video as she did.

“That’s the best lesson you can show somebody,” Sabriu said. “Speak up. Don’t be afraid. That’s the only way that we can stop all this hate is just showing and exposing the people because I think the majority (are) good people that don’t want this to continue.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook/Janet Espejel]