WARNING PARENTS: Cops say meth pills are being ‘stamped’ to look like CANDY & could be handed out to kids during Halloween

Updated Story: 

WSYX/WTTE has identified the 5-year-old Ohio boy who had a seizure and later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Officers told the news station that they’re investigating Braylen Carwell’s parents, who allegedly said his symptoms began after ingesting Halloween candy he received while trick-or-treating.

Police have reportedly taken the candy, in addition to some plastic vampire fangs he was spotted playing with, to the crime lab for testing.

“Right now, there’s nothing specific,” said Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield told the news station. “We need to narrow it down to see if there was, in fact, something that was tainted.”


Original Story:

Police in Georgia are warning the public about methamphetamine pills which are being “stamped” to resemble children’s candy and could be handed out to trick-or-treaters during the Halloween season.

The Dublin Police Department took to Facebook to say that they’ve recently seized methamphetamine pills which resembled “popular children’s candy.” Though they said it’s not commonplace for drug dealers to target children, the fact that these pills appear to be kid-friendly coupled with the danger these stimulants pose when ingested by children compelled them to make a public announcement.

“A few reasons that illegal drug dealers ‘stamp’ or form their pills to look like candy is to evade detection by law enforcement or allow drug users to possess and use the drugs with a decreased fear of detection,” they explained.

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PUBLIC AWARENESS ANNOUNCEMENT:Please look through your child(rens) candies during this holiday season. Any suspicions,…

Posted by The Dublin Police Department on Monday, October 22, 2018

The announcement comes after local police arrested a Dublin man for allegedly being in possession of—and intending to distribute—methamphetamine pills which resembled Halloween candy.

Police reportedly exercised a search warrant at Omegus LaFrank Coverson’s home on Friday, October 19. WLOS reported that it was there where officers seized marijuana, pills, money, and other drug-related items. Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatmas said some of the pills resembled Sweeties or Flinstones vitamins. However, a field test determined they were methamphetamine, he alleged.

The police chief said the pills were taken to the state crime lab to undergo a full evaluation.

Alarmingly, since issuing their warning, a 5-year-old Ohio boy has reportedly tested positive for meth after possibly eating Halloween candy that was laced with the same dangerous drug.

WCMH reported the child was rushed to the hospital after attending Galion’s annual Sunday Trick or Treat. Police said the child was trick-or-treating in his neighborhood. Though it’s unclear whether Halloween candy is to blame, his parents allegedly told officers that he was playing with vampire mouth toy he received seconds before suffering a seizure.

Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield said evidence has been sent to the crime lab for testing. Fortunately, the boy is expected to make a full recovery, according to KTRK.

He said, “At the end of the day, a 5-year-old with methamphetamine, however it was ingested, was not good.”

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[Featured Image: Dublin Police Department]