Teen with 47 convictions YAWNS as he’s sentenced for running down officer with stolen car

An 18-year-old British man who stole a vehicle and used it to run over an officer reportedly stretched and audibly yawned as a judge handed down a four-year sentence.

Per the Manchester Evening News, Kash Parkinson was out on bail for another car robbery when he stole a Ford Fiesta and sent police on a chase that reached speeds of 70 miles per hour. It was when another motorist used his car to block Parkinson’s escape when he reversed the vehicle and opened the door, striking officer Christopher Haxby as he attempted to apprehend him.

Parkinson was arrested following a brief foot chase. Haxby suffered whiplash and injuries to his right leg and shoulder from the June 26 incident, according to the newspaper.

The Telegraph reported that Parkinson, whose rap sheet dates back to age 11, had 47 convictions for 77 crimes. He’s been arrested for drugs, vandalism, and even tormenting his own grandmother. A source had told The Sun that Parkinson had trashed a memorial dedicated to one of her friend’s deceased children.

This time around, the 18-year-old pleaded guilty to disqualified driving, dangerous driving, breaching a criminal behavior order, aggravated vehicle taking, assault causing actual bodily harm, and driving without insurance.

At trial, his defense attorney argued that Parkinson had “one of the worst starts in life I have seen described in any pre-sentence report.”

Nevertheless, the judge reportedly admonished Parkinson for his “appalling” criminal history and deemed him a threat to society before condemning him to four years behind bars.

“That police officer could have been killed because of your selfishness. It is a wonder how you didn’t kill or seriously injure a member of the public or a police officer,” Judge Martin Savill told the teen.

“I can only hope this will offer you some cause to consider where your life is going.”

[Featured image: Kash Parkinson/Greater Manchester Police]