High school girls suspended for dressing up as Columbine shooters for Halloween: Officials

Two girls at a Kentucky high school were suspended after they allegedly came dressed as Columbine school shooters Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris for Halloween.

WLEX reported that the incident involved two teen girls who attend school in Adair County. The three-day suspension came after two disturbing images were reportedly posted to Instagram: One which showed the girls playing dead on the library floor, mimicking the manner Klebold and Harris ended their lives after killing 12 classmates and a teacher; and another with the caption “Dylan and Eric 2018.”

“We take the situation very seriously and our personnel are continuing to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding this matter,” Adair County Schools Superintendent Pamela Stephens said in a statement issued in WHAS, forgoing further comment until they complete their probe. “The students are currently suspended.”

A father of one of the suspended girls told WLEX that the teens regret their actions but accused school officials of overreacting. He claimed the girls have received death threats after others learned of their controversial choice in Halloween costumes.

[Featured Image: Instagram]