PICTURED: Florida’s own ‘Joker’ arrested again, this time for allegedly violating probation

A Florida man whose green hair and equally colorful facial tattoos earned him the nickname the “Miami Joker” was arrested Tuesday for violating his probation—resulting in another mugshot that’s making the rounds.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Lawrence Patrick Sullivan, 29, was arrested in Pinellas for violating probation, stemming from a 2017 arrest for carrying a concealed firearm. However, police haven’t revealed exactly what led to the 29-year-old’s most recent arrest.

According to WTVT, Sullivan was arrested last year for waving a gun in Miami traffic. Eight days later, the Florida man was reportedly arrested for marijuana possession.

Like his most recent mugshot, Sullivan drew comparisons to the D.C. supervillain as his 2017 photo showed him wearing green hair and various facial tattoos.

A previous arrest affidavit listed him as a “tattoo model,” according to the Miami Herald.

The notoriety appears to have served him well in jail, according to the “joker” himself.

“I was treated like a celebrity inside,” Sullivan told WFOR in 2017, referring to his time behind bars; adding: “I was on the psych floor ‘cause I take medications.”

Speaking with the same news station, Sullivan’s mother described him as a “good kid” who’s “mentally disabled and is handicapped.”

Jail records obtained by the Times indicated that Sullivan sports the following tattoos: brass knuckles, the number 666, a sword, a skull, the devil, and the grim reaper.

Sullivan is reportedly being held without bail and will likely be extradited to Dade County to face the probation violation charge.


[Featured image: Lawrence Patrick Sullivan/Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office]