Ashley Loring HeavyRunner: Search continues for Native American student who vanished off reservation last year

A family continues their search for a Native American college student who reportedly vanished from a Montana reservation in June 2017.

Ashley Loring HeavyRunner, then 20, was last seen on the Blackfeet Reservation on June 13. Her sister, Kimberly Loring, told ABC News that the college student recently returned home from studying abroad and that they were planning to move her into an apartment in Missoula when she stopped hearing from her.

Loring said she believes “something happened to her” as her younger sister was very close to her family. Relatives and friends told the network it’s unlike her to go so long without contacting them.

“I tried to call Ashley, and she didn’t text me or anything. There was no response from her,” Loring recalled. “She was waiting for me, and I know she wouldn’t up and leave.”

With her 22nd birthday this month, her family has spent more than a year searching for the missing college student. KRTV reported that the FBI joined the search in February of this year.

Recently, the family reportedly had to deal with a Facebook profile using HeavyRunner’s photos. According to KFBB, the now-deleted profile used the name Meagan Kelly Watson and also included posts and comments about what type of men she was interested in.

The FBI was unable to comment on the incident, citing their ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding Ashley Loring HeavyRunner’s whereabouts can call the Bureau of Indian AffairsBureau of Indian Affairs at 406-338-4000.

Ashleys birthday has came and past. Ashley is 22 years old now, she went missing in 2017 when she was 20 years old. If…

Posted by Find Ashley Loring/HeavyRunner on Sunday, November 25, 2018

[Featured image: Ashley Loring HeavyRunner/Facebook]