Drunk wedding photographer has sex with guest, pees on tree—then threatens to kill arresting officers’ kids: Report

A Texas-based wedding photographer was arrested last week for allegedly drunkenly urinating on a tree and threatening to kill police—all while on the job.

Wedding attendees alerted an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working security after reportedly finding Katie Mehta, 26, having sex with a male guest. The photographer and part-time model was told to stop her unsavory behavior but instead ran outside and began hollering, according to the New York Daily News.

An arrest report stated that Mehta was booted from the ceremony before she urinated on a nearby tree.

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Per WFAA, responding officers noted that Mehta reeked of alcohol and was in possession of Xanax, which they believe she was mixing.

The photog allegedly hurled multiple threats at officers as they hauled her into a patrol car.

“Y’alls’ daughters are dead. Y’all families will be dead by Christmas,” she screamed, according to the Daily News. “My dad is going to find out about this, and y’all are (expletive) dead. D-E-A-D.”

Mehta is charged with public intoxication and felony of obstruction or retaliation. Her sister told WFAA that her arrest was preceded by a series of misunderstandings.

“She said she went outside, and she said these two men tried to approach her and do inappropriate things,” Metha’s sister said. “And she said she was yelling and trying to get help, and things got turned around in a negative way.”

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[Featured Image: Katie Mehta/Parker County Jail]