NEW VIDEO shows panicked Chris Watts discover neighbor has surveillance video of his driveway from day he murdered pregnant wife and young daughters

A new video taken the day before Chris Watts was arrested for murdering his family shows him appearing extremely nervous as his neighbor plays surveillance video from Chris’s driveway for police investigating the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her daughters Bella and Celeste.

RadarOnline obtained bodycam video from the Frederick Police department taken at the home of Chris Watts’s neighbor, while Chris was present. As the officer enters the home, the neighbor plays surveillance video of Chris’s driveway from the morning of August 13 on a television screen, while Chris Watts stands by, appearing fidgety and agitated.

The video reportedly shows Watts loading items into his pickup truck, which is positioned in reverse into the garage, early that Monday morning as he was preparing to go to work.

While watching the video, Watts appears preoccupied and nervous, and often averts his eyes from the TV screen, sometimes to use his phone. It does not appear that anyone asked him what he was doing with his truck that morning, but he offers an explanation:

“I usually park out there on the side, I just want to get everything back in,” Watts said.

“It would be easier instead of having to lug everything in …Loaded my stuff in my coolers – my water jugs, my bookbag, my computers, some of the tools I had from the toolbox – that’s why I was out so far.”

Investigators now believe that Watts was loading the bodies of his pregnant wife and his 3- and 4-year-old daughter into the truck, to take them to an oil field where he would bury them.

While the video is playing, Watts tells the police officer in the room that his wife is pregnant.

The officer appears to instruct Watts to go to his home and talk to an officer there. As soon as he leaves, the neighbor with the surveillance video immediately comments to the officer about Chris’s demeanor.

“He’s not acting right at all,” the neighbor told the officer, adding that it was very unusual for Watts to be loading his truck from the garage.

“The fact that he was in here explaining it to us over and over and over – he doesn’t look worried – he looks like he’s trying to cover his tracks,” the neighbor sad.

The neighbor also told police that he had recently heard Watts “screaming at the top of his lungs” on more than one occasion.

Watts pleaded guilty last month to killing his wife and daughters and was sentenced to three life terms in prison without the possibility of parole.