SEE IT: Woman who had Tinder affair with killer dad Chris Watts says he ‘zoned out to a different person’ during rough sex, used FAKE profile photo

A woman who had a brief affair with convicted family-killer Chris Watts spoke with Inside Edition about her tryst, as newly released interview footage shows her speaking to police about dating the man who would later kill his pregnant wife and two daughters.

Amanda McMahon told Inside Edition that she met Watts on Tinder in March, and saw him casually for several weeks — before he became involved with a woman he met at work. Though Watts also misrepresented his marital situation to Nichol Kessinger, his mistress at the time of the murders, McMahon believed he was already divorced; unlike Kessinger, who thought Chris and Shanann were just separating.

“He seemed like a genuine guy,” McMahon told Inside Edition. “He was funny. He was charming.”

But McMahon appears to have seen another side of Chris in the bedroom. She told the news outlet that she and Watts had “rough” sex, and that he would become “very forceful” — at one point putting his hands around her neck.

“The best way I can describe it that he almost zoned out into a different person,” she said.

According to McMahon, the relationship ended late in the spring, around the time Watts began seeing Kessinger. McMahon told the news outlet she had not heard anything of Watts until she the news stories about the brutal murders of his pregnant wife and daughters.

“It made me feel betrayed,” McMahon said of learning what Watts had done. “It made me feel nasty. It made me feel dirty.”

The Daily Mail has obtained video of McMahon’s police interview, in which she reveals that Watts used a photo of a different person in his Tinder profile.

“It was definitely not the guy in the picture when I met him,” McMahon says in the video.

Once she found out the truth about Watts, the fake photograph likely made more sense.

“He was married, he had a wife at home, pregnant, two daughters at home,” McMahon told Inside Edition.

“I know how that hurts. I wouldn’t do that to her.”

After pleading guilty to killing his family, Watts is now serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole.