VIDEO: Girl ‘no older than 8’ caught stealing a package from porch, police say

Police in Maryland are searching for a suspect—a little girl 8 years old or younger—who they said was caught by home security cameras taking a package off a front porch.

Per WJZ-13, the girl was filmed stealing the package from a Bel Air residence on November 30. In the video, the girl is reportedly seen getting directions from someone out of frame before conducting the holiday heist.

“We always warn you about package Grinches this time of year, but it’s hard to believe that a Grinch decided to use Cindy Lou Who this year to steal packages!” the Harford County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post. “Watch as this young girl, no older than 8, runs into a yard, looks back to get directions, then steals a package from a porch! Who uses a child in this manner?!”

The homeowner, Vallan Hardison, told the news station that she spotted the little girl running away with her package, which contained a pair of boots. Police said it is not yet known whether a parent or adult instructed the child but it’s clear that she didn’t commit theft on her own accord.

“It looks like it was probably a 6-to 8-year-old child that is hesitant to do it and it’s painfully obvious that someone is directing them,” Major William Davis commented. “Which is pretty disturbing that we have people out there teaching kids at that young age that that’s the right thing to do.”

In light of the incident, law enforcement instructed the public to stay alert and have packages delivered to a secure location as thefts skyrocket during the holiday season.

[Featured image: Harford County Sheriff’s Office video screengrab]