‘Digusting’: Uber Eats customer says he got underwear stained with feces with his food order

A Florida man said he ordered Japanese food only to learn that Uber Eats gave him something a little extra: a dirtied pair of underwear.

The man, who wished to only be identified as “Leo,” told WPLG that he was visiting Miami for Art Basel when he made the order through the app just before 10 p.m. He claimed he met the female driver outside the hotel he was staying at, recalling that her behavior was strange.

“I grabbed the food and right when I got the food she took off running and I was like, ‘That was kind of odd,'” he said.

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When he returned to his room, he made the horrific discovery. Initially believing it was a “strange napkin,” Leo said he quickly discovered it was actually a pair of thigh-length underwear stained with feces. He said he placed the underwear back into the bag before contacting Uber and police.

“Who thinks that you’re going to get delivered somebody’s dirty underwear?” Leo said.

Uber told the news station that they issued him a full refund and removed the courier from their app as they investigate.

“What’s been reported is very concerning. We are reviewing this order and reaching out to all parties involved to help understand what may have occurred. The courier has been removed from the app pending investigation,” the company said.

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[Featured Image: WPLG video screenshot]