Parents arrested after newborn baby tests positive for meth, police say

A Wyoming couple is facing criminal charges after their 10-day-old baby and the baby’s mother allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine during labor and delivery at the hospital.

Buckrail reported that Aube Ringer, 35, and Tosha Scott, 34, were arrested on child endangerment charges Thursday after a blood test performed on the baby and Scott at St. John’s Medical Center detected the drug. A search warrant executed at the home reportedly turned up meth and other drug paraphernalia.

“During the search warrant 17 glass pipes, miscellaneous glass pipe parts with residue, baggies with white residue and torches were found in multiple rooms and closets inside the home,” the probable cause affidavit stated, according to the Jackson Hole Daily.

Citing the probable cause affidavit, the Jackson Hole Daily reported that police got involved after doctors confronted Scott and Ringer. The child’s father reportedly denied the drug allegations and left the office. Scott allegedly told officers she had taken Ritalin and Sudafed the day she went into labor. However, the doctor who processed her test said the two medications wouldn’t have produced a positive “meconium test result” as the test checks for substances used in the past five months, according to the newspaper.

Police claimed the hospital ordered the urine test for Scott because she only visited the OB/GYN once during her pregnancy, calling it “atypical.” Despite the plethora of drugs and drug paraphernalia allegedly located at the home, police said they don’t believe the couple was running a meth lab.

The newborn is reportedly in foster care. Bail for Ringer and Scott was set at $5,000 each.


[Featured image: Aube Ringer and Tosha Scott/Teton County Sheriff’s Office]