Neighbor of missing mom Kelsey Berreth says she saw red pickup truck, possibly fiance Patrick Frazee’s, at her home the day she went missing

A woman who lives next to missing Colorado pilot Kelsey Berreth told a local news station that she saw a truck at Kelsey’s home on Thanksgiving Day that may belong to Berreth’s fiance Patrick Frazee.

The neighbor, who agreed to be interviewed by KOAA News 5 on the condition of anonymity, told the news station that she saw a third truck parked at Berreth’s home early in the afternoon on November 22, the day Berreth was last seen. Berreth owns two cars — a small sedan and a red pickup truck — and the neighbor said she had previously seen a man, presumably Patrick Frazee, in his own red pickup truck at the home on multiple occasions.

“I looked up there, and there was both red pickups there Thanksgiving Day. And that was from 12:30 [p.m.] to 1 p.m.,” the neighbor said. “The other two cars were parked with the vehicles facing the apartment, but his was parked sideways behind them.”

The neighbor noted that she did not see anyone get in our out of the car on Thanksgiving, just that the truck appeared to be the same vehicle she had previously seen at the home. The neighbor said that a man driving a red pickup truck had been seen at the home in the previously year, dropping off or picking up Berreth’s baby girl.

The neighbor told KOAA she did not know Berreth very well but had always had pleasant interactions with the 29-year-old pilot.

“She’s an awesome person. She’s so kind… You can tell she’s a very kind-hearted person,” the neighbor said.

According to the KOAA report, the timeline provided with the neighbor lines up with surveillance video of Berreth’s last public appearance, at a Safeway supermarket near her home on November 22. The video reportedly shows that Berreth and her daughter were at the supermarket at 12:05 p.m. that day. Frazee reportedly told investigators that he later met with Berreth to pick up their daughter, but authorities have not revealed where and when the meeting took place.

Authorities executed a search warrant on Frazee’s 35-acre property in Florissant beginning on Friday, and completed the search on Sunday without finding Berreth there. Frazee has not been named a suspect, and the couple’s 1-year-old daughter has remained with him during the investigation.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, KOAA also interviewed Berreth’s uncle Ed Stanfill, who said that Berreth moved to Colorado from Washington state in 2016 to be closer to Frazee. Stanfill said his niece is reserved and mostly keeps to herself, but that she was in frequent communication with her mother, and that it is out of character for her to just disappear without notifying anyone.

“It’s not normal,” Stanfill told the news station. “Kelsey and her mom typically talk quite often. I mean, they were attached at the hip since she was little. I mean, they were best friends.”

Kelsey’s mother Cheryl Berreth reported her daughter missing on December 2.

An anonymous donor has reportedly given $25,000 to the Woodland Park police as a reward for information leading to Berreth.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Woodland Park Police Department at (719) 687-9262 or send an email to