Parents who named their baby after Adolf Hitler sent to prison for joining neo-Nazi group

A British couple who named their baby after Adolf Hitler was sentenced to prison for being members of a neo-Nazi group banned under anti-terrorism laws.

Per The Guardian, Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, were sentenced in a Birmingham court to prison for six-and-a-half years and five years, respectively. Along with two others, the couple was convicted of being members of National Action, a far-right group which was outlawed in 2016.

“Its aims and objectives are the overthrow of democracy in this country by serious violence and murder, and the imposition of a Nazi-style state which would eradicate whole sections of society by such violence and mass murder,” the judge said, describing the neo-Nazi organization.

“The eradication of those who you consider to be inferior because of no more than the color of their skin or their religion.”

A court heard how a friend of the couple, Darren Fletcher, taught his daughter the Nazi salute. Fletcher admitted his membership before trial and was sentenced to five years in prison, according to the outlet.

According to CNN, the court also learned how the couple gave their baby the middle name Adolf and were shown photos of the baby being cradled by their father, who was donning a hooded KKK outfit. The BBC reported that Thomas claimed the photos were a joke but did admit to being racist.

The news outlet reported that a police search of their shared home produced various Nazi-themed items, including flags, clothing, pendants, and a swastika-shaped cookie cutter. Police reportedly also discovered knives, machetes, and crossbows—one of which was kept feet away from the baby’s crib.

Evidence was also presented indicating Patatas told another member that “all Jews must be put to death” and that she wanted to “bring back concentration camps.” The Guardian reported that the couple indicated they would “willing to murder a mixed-race child” to further their agenda.

“These are not idle words,” the judge said in admonishment. “The vile regime you and Thomas worship, and which you wish to impose on this country, did—and would do—exactly that.”


[Featured image: Claudia Patatas, Adam Thomas/West Midlands police/PA]