UFC Fighter husband and wife allegedly used online sex ads for ‘premeditated attacks’ on vulnerable women: Report

A Russian husband and wife in New York posted bail last month after they allegedly robbed and assaulted multiple female victims they discovered through online sex ads, the New York Post reported.

According to court documents obtained by the newspaper, police arrested 25-year-old Alexander Popenkov, described as a “trained UFC Fighter,” and his wife, Maryana Kayumova, also 25, on burglary and robbery charges involving alleged crimes against at least eight Manhattan women.

At their bail hearing in November, Assistant District Attorney Danbee Kim reportedly said the duo “worked together to achieve planned and premeditated attacks” on the purported victims, most believed to be immigrants from Russia, because they thought the victims were “easy targets and vulnerable.”

Court documents obtained by the news outlet allege that the suspects robbed and assaulted two of the women only minutes apart from each other on September 16.

The first alleged victim that day was targeted after Popenkov planned a “date” with her for 7:30 p.m. at her home on 62nd Street, according to the criminal complaint. Instead of a date, officials said the male suspect struck the woman when she opened her apartment door, then pulled her back inside. As he reportedly “held the woman down,” Kayumova is said to have stolen “a phone, cash, credit card, and keys” from the home.

Shortly after 8 p.m., the suspects then allegedly assaulted another woman “in a similar manner”on East 39th Street. Police said the second victim of the night was also struck in the face by Popenkov, and subsequently robbed of her phone and money by the suspects.

Danbee said one of the assaults was so brutal that the victim had to be hospitalized.

”One of the two victims was pushed so hard by defendant Popenkov that her injuries included a broken orbital socket and nose, which required surgery afterwards,” she stated in court.

Popenkov and Kayumova were reportedly jailed before they each posted $35,000 bail. While prosecutors requested a higher bond amount after the suspects allegedly made threats to victims, their attorneys insisted they wouldn’t take off— arguing that Popenkov was trying to obtain residency in the United States.

“His whole life is on the line here. He’s not going to do anything to risk it,” Popenkov’s attorney, Todd Spodek, stated in court.

A probe into the allegations is still underway. At the time of reporting, the suspects were each facing up to 25 years behind bars.

[Feature photo: Pixabay]