No jail for mom who killed son with frying pan, hacked his body into more than 70 pieces: Report

A mother in Russia avoided jail despite killing her adult son by hitting him over the head with a frying pan and using a power saw to cut his body into more than 70 pieces.

According to Metro News, a 63-year-old woman, identified only as Lyudmila R, was convicted of murder but was spared jail as a court found her 42-year-old son routinely beat and abused her. Lyudmila reportedly recalled one occasion where her drunken son tried to rape her, mistaking her for his ex-wife.

The 63-year-old reportedly claimed she begged for police to protect her from her son but officers only spoke with him.

Lyudmila was detained in Khabarovsk after neighbors spotted her waiting for a taxi and carrying “suspicious” bin liners which reeked of a dead body. A police source told the outlet that she initially claimed the remains were bear meat before confessing they were that of her son.

“I took a frying pan from the kitchen and hit him over the head,” she reportedly said.

Metro News reported that Lyudmila claimed her son, whose name wasn’t revealed, lay dead on the floor for a day before she repeatedly stabbed him and took an angle grinder, a type of power tool, to his body. She said she covered the floor with plastic and hacked him to pieces.

The grandmother reportedly revealed, “I covered the floor with plastic, then I cut off his legs, arms, and head. I disemboweled him, sliced off his penis and took out inner organs.”

While ripping her son’s body apart, Lyudmila cut her hand and had to be hospitalized for a week—leaving his remains to rot. Neighbors called her about noxious smell radiating from her home, prompting her to discharge herself from the hospital and attempt to discard his remains, according to the outlet.

Despite the details surrounding her son’s death, a court determined this week that she carried out the crime while experiencing an extreme emotional disturbance. Avoiding jail, she is banned from leaving her home city for 23 months and must abide by a curfew.


[Featured image: Pixabay]