‘We love you. Come home!’: Police ask for help after two teen girls remain missing over 3 weeks

Authorities in Michigan are asking the public to be on alert a for a teen girl who possibly left home with another missing teen earlier this month.

The News Herald reported that two girls, 16-year-old Angelina Beebe, of Brownstown Township, and 17-year-old Jamia Moses, of Woodhaven, were last seen on December 4. They are thought to have gone to Southland Center Mall in Taylor before vanishing.  

While officials said both girls have contacted family members, they are still concerned about the younger teen’s whereabouts. Sgt. Jeff Brust said Jamia called her family, but apparently hung up after alerting them that “she was safe.”

“She called from an area code from Miami,” Jamia’s stepmother, Amanda Emmons, told the outlet. “That’s why I’m so concerned. I’m freaking out.”

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The department has since closed the missing person file regarding on Jamia, but Angelina’s case remains open. 

Police said Angelina’s family  received a text message from the girl, but officials haven’t been able to verify the phone number it was sent from. The message could have reportedly originated from a device such as a “burner” cellphone, which are difficult to trace. Her case remains open. 

While officials said Angelina indicated in a December 12 text that “she was safe” to family members, she also apparently relayed that she wouldn’t be returning home.

Brownstown Township Police Chief Robert Matthews said sexual exploitation is a concern when teen girls run away.

“The world runs on cash,” Matthews told the outlet. “You run into people who make you think they believe in you, but they only want to exploit you.”

The chief said authorities have been “monitoring social media” accounts related to Angelina, and ask anyone with information to come forward.

“If any of her friends have heard from her, let us know. We will look up any telephone numbers.”

Officials said while they aren’t sure of an exact motive as to why the girls would have run away, the younger girl was purportedly facing legal troubles.

“Everybody has a reason for running away,” Matthews said. “I do know she had juvenile court dates coming up that she didn’t want to attend.”

The chief said he could not elaborate on the details of the juvenile’s legal case(s).

Authorities are unsure if Angelina and Jamia are still together. Anyone with information pertaining to their whereabouts is urged to contact Township police at 734-675-1300.

Earlier this month, Angelina’s grandmother, Stephanie Libra, relayed a message she hopes her granddaughter hears.

“We love you. Come home — it’s OK.”

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[Feature photo: Angelina Beebe, Jamia Moses, Facebook/Missing in Michigan]