Babysitter refuses to call 911 for ‘lifeless’ infant girl who later died: Report

A Virginia woman is facing criminal charges in connection with the death of a 7-month-old girl who was reportedly in her care when she suffered severe head trauma.

According to WTVR, Ashley Michelle Bonilla Rodriguez died three days after being hospitalized for a fall she suffered on December 27. The baby’s uncle, Jose Nelson Hernandez Cruz, reportedly said that Lirio Jazmin Godinez-Gonzalez, 33, had been babysitting the child for two months when the fatal incident occurred.

Cruz alleged the child’s mom’s co-worker called 911 as Godinez-Gonzalez refused to do so.

“The babysitter called the child’s mom to say there was something wrong with her to come pick her up because she was unresponsive, and she told her ‘what’s wrong with my child? Call the ambulance if she’s unresponsive’ and she refused to she told her to come pick her up,” Cruz told the station, adding that she wouldn’t say what happened to Rodriguez.

The uncle said Rodriguez was “lifeless” when paramedics arrived at Godinez-Gonzalez’s apartment. WRIC reported that the 7-month-old was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull and succumbed to her injuries on December 30.

The uncle told WRIC, “It’s difficult to understand how she got a fractured skull if she wasn’t crawling, she didn’t walk, she would just sit upright. So, it’s not something just happens.”

Godinez-Gonzalez was arrested December 28 and charged with felony child neglect. She’s being held in the Chesterfield County jail pending a January 3 court date.

[Featured image: Lirio Jazmin Godinez-Gonzalez/Chesterfield County Police; Ashley Michelle Bonilla Rodriguez/WTVR]