VIDEO: Mom shocked after she says home camera caught babysitter SITTING on her infant son

Prosecutors in Ohio are reviewing home surveillance footage that reportedly shows a babysitter sitting on a 10-month-old boy.

Corrie Beckett reportedly made the startling discovery after installing a nanny cam at her Middletown home to understand why her son, Owen, was having separation anxiety as she left for work. She told WCPO that she felt “anger, sadness, guilt” upon reviewing a video of her babysitter telling her crying son to “shut up” as she squatted on top of him.

“As mad as I was at what she was doing, I was also mad at myself for handing my son to her and had no idea of what was going on,” Beckett said of the woman, who Beckett claimed she met three years ago.

The concerned mother reportedly took the video to Middletown Police Department, who initially closed the case but has since reopened it after receiving assistance from prosecutors. It’s unclear why police originally closed their investigation.

Middletown police Major Scott Reeve said the caretaker has a criminal background. However, WCPO declined to publicly identify her as she hasn’t been criminally charged.

“That’s been a difficult case because, although it’s very emotion-evoking, is it a crime or not?” Reeve mused, possibly providing insight as to why they originally closed the case.

“The difference between being rude and inappropriate with a child and it being criminal…it’s a fine line.”

Police also declined to comment on the alleged child abuse, citing their ongoing investigation.

Reeve advised, “Don’t trust somebody just because you know them. People are fake and are good at hiding their true selves.”

[Featured image: WCPO video screengrab]