Cartel informant claims El Chapo’s hitman used soundproof ‘murder room’ for grisly executions

A New York federal court heard Monday that one hitman for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman reportedly had a soundproof “murder room” which was equipped with a drain and was used for extremely graphic, noisy slayings.

Edgar Galvan, 41, testified that the “white tiled” room belonging to Antonio “Jaguar” Marrufo was located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Galvan claimed the home was soundproof and noted that the aforementioned room had a “drainage outlet” located on the floor, according to the New York Post.

“In that house, no one comes out,” Galvan told jurors.

The cartel informant claimed he met Marrufo through the party circuits in 2007. He said it wasn’t long until he was living in El Paso, Texas, and working under Marrufo, who ran Guzman’s Sinloa Cartel in Ciudad Juarez, the outlet reported.

Galvan claimed he helped run guns over the border but denied directly participating in any murders. He said the guns, typically AK-47 assault rifles, were used to kill rival gangs who were vying for power in the Mexican city and near the border.

The New York Post reported that Marrufo is jailed in Mexico while Galvan said he served eight years of a 24-year prison sentence.

Galvan claimed he’d never seen Guzman, 61, before testifying at his trial on Monday. The infamous drug kingpin is facing conspiracy charges in a Brooklyn federal court. NBC News reported that he was extradited to the U.S. in 2017 following two escapes from a Mexican jail.


[Featured image: Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s Office]