VIDEO: Broadway star Mandy Gonzalez shares story behind border separation song ‘Line in the Sand’ with Nancy Grace

‘This is about people who are suffering,’ Nancy Grace said on her podcast ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’

In an interview with CrimeOnline‘s Nancy Grace, Broadway star Mandy Gonzalez opens up about “Line in the Sand,” an inspiring song from the new album, “Fandago at the Wall,” which speaks of separating families at the border between the United States and Mexico.

“It’s not about if you want the wall, or you don’t want the wall,” Nancy explained to listeners on her “Crime Stories” show. “Or you’re pro-Trump or anti-Trump…it doesn’t matter! This is about people who are suffering. I don’t know the answer and I don’t claim to know the answer, but I do know I don’t want people to suffer. Especially children.”

Nancy then asks Greer what her message is in the “beautiful song.”

“I think we can all agree and relate to the desire to be safe and with our families. And for our families to be safe, and that’s really what’s at the core of this issue,” Greer replied.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe. Children should feel protected and not scared. Loved ones shouldn’t be separated. We’re all human beings, we’re all the same. We all feel, and hurt, and love no matter where we’re from…all change comes out of awareness and every little act counts. So everybody should be getting involved, and raising awareness.”

Speaking to Mandy, Nancy recalled how Mandy and Greer “used to walk around collecting money for UNICEF,” and have “now created a masterpiece adopted by UNICEF.”

“I think it’s a tribute to also where we come from,” Mandy explained of the song. “We come from very loving families…very loving mothers.”

“I just feel so proud that I’m a part of this album, that I’m a part of this song. And that UNICEF has taken it as their own. And the hashtag is #achildisachild because a child is a child. We all, no matter what side we’re on, we’re all on the same side, which is the human side. I won’t give up hope!”

Before playing the song, Nancy asked her listeners to never “forget those less fortunate than we are.”

Watch Mandy Gonzalez perform “Line in the Sand” right here:

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