Friend of Krystal Lee told her employers that Patrick Frazee asked Idaho nurse to kill his baby’s mother [VIDEO]

A couple in Twin Falls, Idaho, contacted the FBI about allegations involving Krystal Lee, the woman believed to be under investigation for a possible role in the disappearance and presumed murder of Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth.

Patrick Frazee, the father of Berreth’s 1-year-old daughter, is in custody facing multiple murder charges, including solicitation of first-degree murder. Multiple sources have told various news stations that Frazee was involved with an Idaho nurse by the name of Krystal Lee, and that she is connected to the three separate solicitation charges Frazee is facing. She is also reportedly being investigated for the possibility that she disposed of Berreth’s cell phone.

KMTV reports that Joe and Patty Rockstahl spoke to CBS News and Gray Television about claims made by one of their employees in October. The unidentified woman reportedly came to them, visibly upset, and said that her best friend Krystal Lee had told her that “a man had asked her to kill the mother of his child,” the Rockstahls said.

At the time, the Rockstahls did not know if they should take the claims seriously and did not feel they had enough information to contact authorities. But that changed after the news of Berreth’s disappearance, when they saw Kelsey’s mother Cheryl Berreth pleading for her daughter’s return on television.

“I think the mother that had the courage and go on TV when her daughter was missing, saying that someone knew where she was at,” Patty said in the interview. “At that point in my mind I thought that Patrick, and that was the only name I had heard him called, I didn’t know his last name, had done something to her daughter and he knew where she was at.”

At that point the Rockstahls contacted the FBI, and learned that the law enforcement agency was already in the area. Four days later, they said, Frazee was arrested.

Joe Rockstahl said in the interview that he now regrets waiting to contact authorities.

“If we could’ve just gotten the police to call or drive by and say ‘Are you thinking of killing someone?’ he said. “We wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t have all of this going on.”

Berreth disappeared on November 22, Thanksgiving Day, and her body has not been found. Police have not named any additional suspects in her presumed murder.