Cops reveal new details about ‘ambush’ attack of young officer responding to car crash and gunman’s suspected suicide

Just days after a 22-year-old police officer was gunned down as she responded to an auto collision last week, authorities in Davis, California, are offering additional details regarding the circumstances of her death.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Natalie Corona was shot in an apparent ambush-style attack. A subsequent manhunt led to the reported discovery of a suspect — identified as 48-year-old Kevin Douglas Limbaugh — dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel revealed in a subsequent news conference that the suspect is believed to have arrived at the scene of a multiple-vehicle crash on a bicycle and shooting once at the officer. When she fell to the ground, the gunman allegedly continued shooting until the gun’s clip was empty.

At that point, he is accused of reloading his firearm and shooting either at random or toward other targets in the area. One witness says a stray bullet hit the backpack he was wearing, as reported by WPVI.

The officer was the only reported casualty of the shooting and the suspected gunman is believed to have pedaled away from the scene and toward a residence he entered with his roommate.

Initially, police say he acted nonchalant in front of the other individual. A short time later, police officers arrived at the location, led to the suspect through evidence contained in a bag he allegedly left at the scene of the shooting.

The suspect was wearing a ballistic vest when he walked outside the first time to confront police. He stepped inside and returned moments later with a gun, reports show.

He then allegedly walked back inside the home and shot himself. Police confirmed he was dead inside with video footage from a robot sent in the residence to explore.

As of the latest updates, there was no evidence Limbaugh and Corona had any previous interactions and there is no indication what the motive for the shooting might have been.

[Featured image: Natalie Corona, handout]