More allegations of abuse at Arizona facility where patient in persistent vegetative state gave birth

A female patient has reportedly claimed she was abused by two staffers at Hacienda HealthCare, the Arizona nursing facility where an incapacitated patient became pregnant and gave birth, prompting a rape investigation.

12 News obtained a statement from Hacienda HealthCare reporting that a female patient claimed she was abused by two female staffers, making the allegations in a patient survey that was part of an audit.

According to the statement, the patient with a “serious intellectual disability” and “history of attention-seeking behavior” alleged “she had been yelled at by the staff members and struck in the head and arm.”

The female staffers have been placed on administrative leave, though both have denied the allegations.

The language of the nursing facility’s statement appears to call into question the veracity of the accusations, claiming that the patient “displayed no signs of injury or abuse whatsoever” during a subsequent medical examination.

The statement also reportedly said that police were called to Hacienda HealthCare, but it is unclear if charges are expected.

On December 29, a 29-year-old patient who had been in a persistent vegetative state since she was a toddler went into labor and gave birth, reportedly to the alarm of attending staffers who claimed to have no idea she was pregnant. Phoenix police have launched and investigation, reportedly issuing a search warrant for DNA samples from male staffers. No suspects have been named.