Man beats and rapes pregnant woman, slams her head against bathtub to ‘make her have a miscarriage’: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a 36-year-old man was arrested in connection with the recent violent rape and battery of a pregnant woman.

According to the Gainesville Sun, the Alachua Police Department released an initial report with several key details removed.

From the information available, reports indicate Clifton Dwayne Rushing was arrested for the attack on a woman he lived with in Alachua County.

The suspect allegedly assaulted the victim after arriving at the residence drunk on December 30. Police obtained a warrant for his arrest the next day and were able to take Rushing into custody on Tuesday.

He was allegedly motivated at least in part by the desire to cause the woman to have a miscarriage.

Rushing allegedly kicked and punched the woman, who was 13 weeks pregnant at the time. Police believe he also bit her and caused a serious facial abrasion by bashing her head into a bathroom fixture, as reported by the New York Post.

After the vicious beating, a sworn police statement claims he told her he was going to “make her have a miscarriage.”

At that point, investigators believe the physical attack turned sexual and Rushing raped the woman.

In addition to facing criminal charges including one count of aggravated battery on pregnant woman and one count of sexual battery, the suspect is expected to face charges related to withholding child support.

As of the latest reports available, he remained behind bars at the Alachua County Jail with bond set at over $510,000.

[Featured image: Clifton Dwayne Rushing, Alachua County Jail]