Wife of PGA golfer charged with domestic violence gets sweetheart deal to avoid jail

The wife of a professional golfer who was criminally charged after attacking her husband and his mother will not be prosecuted if she stays out of trouble, the Daily Mail reports.

Krista Glover on Friday reached a deal with authorities on Friday as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, according to Golfweek.

As part of the arrangement, a scheduled trial in the case will be postponed and Glover will not be jailed as long has her mental health and substance use is evaluated, she pays $100 in court costs and she is not involved any further criminal activity over the next year.

The agreement also requires Glover to perform 25 hours of community service, which her lawyers say she has already done.

Glover, 37, was charged last year with battery and resisting arrest after she got into a heated argument with her husband, PGA pro Lucas Glover, and his mother in May.

The entire criminal case could be sealed off from public view once the full agreement is satisfied, according to the DailyMail.

Prosecutor Kevin Presnell declined to comment to the news organization as to whether Krista Glover was given preferential treatment because of her husband.

Glover pleaded not guilty to the charges, which carried a maximum of two years in prison.

The case stems from May 12, 2018, when Krista verbally and physically assaulted Lucas and his mother, Hershey Glover. Krista was reportedly upset with how Lucas had performed during the Players Championship.

A police report states that when Lucas returned to his home after the golf tournament, Krista, who might have been drinking, called him a “loser” and a “pu**y” and then physically attacked him. Lucas said this normally happens when he has a bad game.

Krista also told Lucas that “he needs to fire everyone, and how he’d better win or [she] and the kids would leave him and he would never see the kids again.”

When Lucas’ mother came to her son’s defense, Krista attacked her as well.

Krista then called 911 and claimed she was attacked by Lucas’ mother, prompting Lucas to take control of the phone.

“My wife has called you…and now she’s trying to blame it on my mother, which is not the case at all,” Lucas told the dispatcher, adding that Krista “has gone crazy.”

Lucas declined police assistance, but deputies were already on their way. Lucas told the dispatcher that the responding officers should talk with him.

“When the deputies get here, they need to talk to the male, that will be me, because these other two are out of their heads at the moment,” Lucas said.

“She’s gonna lie to you, that’s what I’m telling you,” Lucas said about his wife. “That’s why I answered her phone, she’s telling lies and none of it’s true.”

Deputies observed cuts on Lucas’ right arm, cuts on both of his mother’s arms and blood on her clothing.

Lucas’ mother told police she attempted to intervene in the argument when Krista turned on her.

As officers attempted to arrest Krista, she resisted and would not go into a police car. A police report says she tried to “tense her body” to prevent “herself from sitting down in the car.” She also tried to spread her legs and feet around the car door, but officers eventually got her inside the vehicle.

Krista then kicked the car door and damaged it.

On the way to jail, she attempted to flee as deputies were loosening her handcuffs.

“Wait till the tour (PGA) hears about this,” Krista yelled, the police report states. “You will lose your job. This is why cops get shot in the face. Wait till I talk with the judge, you will be f***ng fired over this.”

Lucas later tweeted about the incident, calling it a “private matter” and asking that his family’s privacy be respected “as we work through this unfortunate situation.”

Krista and Lucas married in 2012 and have two young children.