Family slaughter suspect grabbed 8-year-old girl by the hair, neck and ‘spoke in riddles’ before cops shot him dead: Report

Relatives of the 8-year-old girl who was the target of a crazed killer have provided details about the grisly family slaying that claimed the girl’s mother and infant sister, along with the killer’s parents.

As CrimeOnline previously reported,  Mark Gregory Gago was shot and killed by responding deputies Saturday night in Woodburn, Oregon, when they found Gago attacking the girl, apparently trying to kill her. Authorities would soon discover that Gago had murdered his girlfriend, his parents, and his own infant daughter before attacking the young girl, his girlfriend’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Debi Barry, the girl’s grandmother, told that the girl said Gago had spoke “in riddles,” and had grabbed by the neck and hair and thrown her against the wall. It is not known at this time if Gago attacked the girl with a weapon. Authorities have said that Gago did not shoot his victims and that he had multiple weapons at his disposal, including an axe and a sword.

The girl’s father, Jason Grimm, told the news outlet that he had a good relationship and regular communication with his ex-wife and daughter’s mother, Shaina E. Sweitzer, who was killed in the massacre along with her and Gago’s daughter, 9-month-old Olivia.

Grimm said that Sweitzer had mentioned recently that Gago had become abusive. And though Grimm said he had never had a serious problem with Gago, he made him feel vaguely uneasy. At one time, Gago reportedly told Grimm that he would never hurt his daughter.

“Obviously, that was a lie,” Grimm told

Authorities have not confirmed the girl’s account as relayed to the news outlet by her relatives, but did confirm that Gago was killed while he was trying to hurt the girl. Her specific injuries are not known at this time.

Law enforcement officials have not identified a motive for the killings, though as CrimeOnline previously reported, an adult female survivor — reportedly a friend of Sweitzer’s who was staying at the house — told a neighbor after she escaped that she suspected Gago may have been on drugs.

CrimeOnline will provide further updates when more information is available.