Hacienda HealthCare CEO accused of ‘brazen and shameless’ sexual harassment for years while collecting half-million salary

The CEO of Hacienda HealthCare, who resigned in January after a severely disabled patient at the nursing facility became pregnant, faced multiple sexual harassment claims among employees dating back to 2006.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Hacienda HealthCare CEO Bill Timmons resigned in early January, following reports that a 29-year-old patient who was severely incapacitated became pregnant and gave birth. Last week, Nathan Sutherland, a 36-year-old nurse at the facility, was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

The Arizona Republic investigated complaints against Timmons that began over a decade ago, and found that the CEO did not face particularly severe consequences regarding accusations that he had verbally harassed and in one case groped a female staffer.

Louise Jay, the former manager of a thrift store for the company’s nonprofit foundation, told the Arizona Republic that Timmons repeatedly made unwanted, sexually charged comments at a work even just a month after she joined the company.

Jay claims that when she first introduced herself to Timmons at a fundraising event, he responded by using words to describe oral sex, and when Jay reportedly told him not to speak to her in that manner, he said, “Why not?”

The former employee said in her interview with the news outlet that Timmons appeared encouraged by her resistance to his advances.

“You have a sexy mouth,” she claimed Timmons said to her. “What do you do with that mouth?

Jay described Timmons’ behavior as “brazen and shameless,” and said that she felt pressured by some employees to keep quiet as she was in the process of making a formal report.

According to the investigation, two other employees filed sexual harassment complaints against Timmons since that time, with one claiming he pestered her to date him in addition to making sexually suggestive remarks, and another said he grabbed her buttocks.

Hacienda HealthCare Board President Tom Pomeroy confirmed the complaints to the Arizona Republic, and said that Timmons had been disciplined.

“Beginning in 2006 and again in subsequent years, the Hacienda Board of Directors … was alerted to accusations that several employees felt sexually harassed or treated poorly by Timmons,” Pomeroy said in a statement

“Ultimately, the Board reprimanded Timmons and also enforced serious consequences for his conduct … Corrective action included counseling and more than 30 training sessions in a number of areas. Timmons was also forced to forego financial bonuses and raises.”

In 2015, the most recent tax filing that the Arizona Republic was able to obtain, Timmons earned $609,000.

The former CEO did not respond to repeated inquiries from the Arizona Republic.