Tween girl gives birth — and her stepbrother, 14, is the baby’s father: Reports

A 14-year-old boy in Australia allegedly impregnated his younger step-sister—a startling discovery that came to light after the 12-year-old unexpectantly gave birth earlier this month.

According to, the boy was living with his stepsister when he allegedly impregnated her at age 11. The girl was reportedly unaware she was pregnant when went into labor at the family’s Perth home and gave birth to a healthy baby at the hospital. It’s unclear whether the boy and girl were living at the home together full-time when she became pregnant.

The step-siblings could face criminal charges as the law states that anyone younger than 16 can’t give consent. However, The West Australian reported that charges are unlikely in this case.

“It’s a very delicate, sensitive situation but we’re primarily concerned about making sure the right support mechanisms are in place,” police commissioner Chris Dawson said. “While there is a police investigation, it’s primarily centered on the welfare.”

Authorities have also declined to reveal what will happen to the newborn, including who will be caring for it. The outlet reported that relatives have sought support and insight from health and welfare agencies in the past week.

“She’s not going to have the same journey as every one of us in this room that have gone from being a child, to a teenager, to a young adult, and then being in a position to make a better-informed decision,” federal indigenous health minister Ken Wyatt commented, referring to the young mother.

“Nevertheless, I have no doubt that her family will give her and her child support—but it doesn’t make it right.”


[Featured image: Pixabay]