Drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ allegedly drugs, rapes teen girls and calls them his ‘vitamins’

Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman allegedly paid to sexually assault girls as young as 13, referring to the victims as “vitamins,” the New York Post reports.

The accusations emerged in recently unsealed court documents in the 61-year-old’s ongoing drug trafficking trial in New York. The documents claim that one of Guzman’s associates “would regularly send photographs of girls as young as thirteen years old to the defendant.”

Guzman would then pay $5,000 to have whichever girl he wanted brought to him, according to the records.

“The defendant called the youngest of the girls his ‘vitamins’ because he believed that sexual activity with young girls gave him ‘life,’ ” the court filing reads.

Alex Cifuentes, Guzman’s former secretary, is the source of the allegations and admitted that he helped drug the girls and also sexually assaulted them.

“CW1 assisted the defendant in drugging the girls with whom the defendant intended to have sex by placing a powdery substance into their drinks at the defendant’s direction,” the documents state.

Prosecutors also allege that Guzman raped his mistress, politician Lucero Sanchez Lopez, who testified against him during the trial.

“The defendant raped a cooperating witness, thereafter beginning a romantic relationship with her and drawing her into his criminal enterprise,” the filings state.

Guzman has denied the allegations, according to a statement issued by his defense team, which said the claims “lack any corroboration and were deemed too prejudicial and unreliable to be admitted at trial.”

The jury is scheduled to begin deliberations on Monday. Guzman faces up to life in prison.

[Feature Photo: El Chapo/AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo, File]