Young man dies after e-cigarette in mouth explodes, causing massive stroke: Officials

A Texas man reportedly died days after the vape e-cigarette he was using exploded and caused him to suffer a massive stroke.

According to KPRC, William Brown, 24, was in a parking lot of Smoke and Vape DZ, a store that sells vaping equipment and supplies, on January 27 when the vape pen he was using exploded. Brown’s left carotid artery was sliced and he was reportedly placed in a medically-induced coma before he died from his injuries on January 29.

KTVT reported that x-rays revealed part of the vape pen was embedded in Brown’s throat. The Washington Post reported Tarrant County medical examiners determined his cause of death as cerebral infarction and herniation caused by “penetrating trauma from exploding vaporizer pen.”

“That went across his lip, apparently somehow, and cut his lip. That three-piece thing went into his throat and stayed there, and that’s what (doctors) should have taken out as soon as they got to the hospital, and they decided to wait until Monday or Tuesday,” the late man’s grandmother told KTVT.

Smoke and Vape DZ claimed Brown had entered the store asking for help using a mechanical mod style vape pen. The manager reportedly said they didn’t sell the specific brand as it had known issues. It’s unclear what type of e-cigarette Brown was using.

Brown’s family also alleged that doctors never operated on him despite his grave injuries. Citing privacy concerns, the hospital that treated Brown declined to respond to specific allegations but told the news station they’re committed to providing “high-quality healthcare.”

[Featured image: William Brown/KTVT]